SBD Books I won't read


Matt Christopher sports books are the only thing I can think of.

Text books about physics or math. I kind of like biology text books.

Oh and maybe I won't read any Animorph books because I grew to hate. Them. A lot. Boy 1 bought the first 30,000 of them. They were everywhere. Everywhere. I picked them up. I read them. Until. Everything I said. And wrote. Was like this. Everything. Just the style. Drove me. Nuts.

Otherwise, I read anything.

In fact I can't stop myself from reading signs on posts or from taking leaflets from people handing them out on the street.. Walking down the street took a long time when I lived in Boston.


  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Won't do it. Kahlil Gibran. Stuff on the "Inspirational" rack.

  2. I'll read pretty much anything. I tried to read "Huckleberry Finn" and almost lost my mind, though.

    All that dialect still gives me nightmares. *shiver*

  3. Oooo Okay. yeah, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I agree. Yes.

    Shelbi? If you don't like dialect don't ever let anyone talk you into buy Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. It's another language.

  4. Isn't that the one Oprah made into a movie? Doesn't surprise me. She has the weirdest [putting it mildly] taste in books.

    Thanks for the warning, though, Kate. I shall be avoiding it like the plague.

  5. Angie the Hippo6:00 PM

    I know exactly who I won't read again. But I can't think of the man's name, so that helps a lot, doesn't it? ;-)


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