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I think I've learned one effect of prednisone in me: Insomnia. Wheee! I never have insomnia any more so this is sort of fun.


  1. Hi Kate! I've got a sleeping baby in a sling on me right now. He was born on the first but the computer is in the basement and I'm lazy. I had forgoten how cute and squishy and snuggley newbors are. Sigh, this is how people end up with 5 of the little buggers. He's much cuter now of course but you can see his hospital photo at

  2. I take prednisone for my asthma (not all the time, just--oh, whatever.), but I've never gotten insomnia. Of course, I can drink a pot of coffee and go back to sleep.

  3. you can take it now and then? I thought you had to wean yourself off the stuff?

    I mean that's what I have to do. Take a gazillion pills the first couple of days then gradually reduce over the next ten days.

  4. and cheryl? he's gorgeous but I've already said so a few places. Good job!

  5. Insomnia is a common side effect. It would drive me nuts. I get obnoxious and short-tempered if I'm short 2 or 3 hours of sleep (I think it reminds me too much of training, which makes me grumpy).

    Evil prednisone. Get off it soon.

  6. Kate:

    I take five pills, then four the next day, then three, etc., etc. Just for when the inhaler/Advair/Singulair etc. combo isn't working.

    And i use the word verification, like you do. I think your site is just a lot more high-profile than mine so you get the spamming. I've never gotten it, but I've had word verification for a long time.

  7. Ye definately have t'wean yourself off o'it, m'darlin'.

    Don't just stop takin' it or just start takin' it. Eeeviiiilll things might happen. Dr. Douglas knows best (mmmm, sounds like a medical drama from th'1950's).

    BTW, since ye didn't leave me a comment section under th'post mentionin' me, I sent ye an email--well, two actually--tellin' ye I like th'carrots up th'nose thingy. 'Cause I do. Yeah. Th'carrots up th'nose thingy. ;)

    Forgive this uncultured ol'lesbian Pirate Queen for not sendin' ye me forwardin' address. Walkin' meself off th'plank now...


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