staying behind parties!

I'm going to keep this post on top for a while. . .

PBW is doing workshops.

Lucy Monroe is having a week of blogging and prize give aways. Some ridiculously good prizes.

Abby Godwin points out we can Feel Like We're There at this blog.

Anyone else doing anything? Let me know. I'll list it. In big Bold Writing.

And then I'll come over and be one of those party guests who hang out by the drinks table and complains about how the popcorn is stale and the music is too loud. No party is complete without a kvetcher!


  1. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Hi Kate! Waving! No don't have anything plan. Just having trouble with my computer and server. LOL!! Thanks for the invited.
    Lisa R.

  2. Anonymous2:58 AM

    By the way very nice blog you have here!
    Lisa R.

  3. LISA!!!!

    HEY! hello Lisa! Thank you for stopping by and I wish I could offer better than cyber-cocktails.

  4. Kate:
    The Secret Summer Sister is going to be done mainly through email. Getting more tempting by the moment, isnt it, hehe

    have a great day!!

  5. Is this anything like a Left Behind party? I'd be up for that!

    Guy-writing-romance angst at my place, Miss Kate.

  6. Thank you for the mention, ma'am. I should write up a workshop on Mirrors in Novels and Why You Should Smash Them in your honor, as you're one of the reasons Lucan has no mirror in his bathroom in Dark Need. :)

  7. I went. Everyone was sick with tummy bugs. There was a remarkable lack of controversy. Mostly we wondered if JR Ward had some sort of eye condition, or if she'd broken her regular glasses or something, because surely she wasn't trying to be COOL by wearing her sunglasses inside all the time. I mean, surely not. Please say it ain't so.

    And the beds at the Marriott sucked. I mean, they REALLY sucked. And it was expensive, and apart from discovering a new favorite drink (a Cuban Pink, also known as a cranberry mojito), I sorta wish I'd stayed home.

    The Passionate Ink party, tho, was just about worth the trip. Can't make you feel better on that score. It rocked. Sorry. Would it make you happier to know I was sick that night?


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