Summer's Complaint

No, not poison ivy again--though thanks for asking. Yeah, it's still torturing me. I'm a weenie when it comes to physical discomfort.

Today's whine features Summer Devon.

She gets basically pretty good reviews but a lot of people complain Summer writes too short**. Yeah, but **** when I write them longer? Stuff other than sex and sexual tension creeps in. Plot, other characters, food. I try doing the uber-sensual thing with those bits (you'd think food would be easy, for god's sake). I try inserting the sexual awareness/tension into other scenes, like say, riding the subway--ooooo the way the train shakes your whole body and the sound overwhelms your other senses and . . . Summer turns into Kate and has an immature, inappropriate giggle fit or falls asleep.

The damn writing is a hokey pokey process: I write the scenes, I pull them out. I shake 'em all about. I usually produce a lot, and then dump most of it out because it doesn't seem sexy enough.

Oh, kvetch, kvetch, moan. It flows naturally to an extent, but after that, it feels like I'm adding Hamburger Helper to the meal and I don't want to dilute the meat heh heh heh.

You other smut/sensual writers out there, do you find it easier or harder to write consistent heatt?


**hey, at least you don't pay a whole lot for the short stuff. Learning Charity is only $2.50.

****You can always spot a newbie author dealing with criticism. The "yeah, but" line followed by an explanation gives her away. Yeah, but I've been writing for a gazillion years and I still find myself explaining what I meant.
No, girl. It Truly Does Not Matter what you meant. It matters what they read, and if more than a couple of people read it that way? It matters even more--to the point you might want to pay attention.


  1. Summer turns into Kate and has an immature, inappropriate giggle fit or falls asleep.

    And what, Summer can't bitchslap Kate back into shape? (Teasing. Teasing. I just love the whole dual identity thing raging behind the writing process.)

    Hey, I LIKED Learning Charity. I thought it was sexy and focused on one aspect in their relationship, conversation and intimacy. (Ok, that's two. I'm not an author. I get confuzzled.)

    As a reader--I get bored with consistent heat. After a while it turns into tab A slot B stuff.

  2. I have a much more difficult time writing short than long. Writing short takes a whole different set of skills. Sometimes it works for me, other times no. And I don't know, I can't talk about process because I just do it. I read about it when pros like PBW write on the subject though.

    But really, I don't think it's a newbie thing to point out that if you're reading a short, asking for the depth of character you get in twice or three times the wordcount seems silly.

    A quickie isn't the same as a novella isn't the same as a novel. Shrug. You get different experiences from each.

  3. I have to say that I find writing short to be much easier than writing long, as far as keeping the heat level high. Having had stories published from, literally, 6k to 100k, I've pretty much tried it all. And the 12-18k stories, for me, are just like popcorn. Fun, quick, and momentarily filling.

    Do I like writing those stories the best? Hmm... well, that's harder. I do like my longest ones, the vampire series Samhain just started releasing. I like getting deeper into the characters' heads. I love layering in that sexual tension because when they DO hump like coked-up bunnies, it's so much more powerful. And I have fun planning out where that series is going next. So that's like Thanksgiving for me. I get some of everything I like and I'm totally satisfied at the end.

    I don't think I'd want a steady diet of either. How's that for splitting the issue, Kate?

  4. I agree with Aims. I have a hard time (no pun intended) writing nothing but heat. I also need a breather when the damn book is so convoluted or deep that a 'quickie' breaks the monotony. Probably why I can't write just one book at a stretch - if I don't have at least 2-3 WIPs going, I'm toast.

    Don't beat up Kate OR Summer - both are fabulous writers.

  5. p.s. - You found Karen? I'm jealous.

  6. p.s. - found her like 2 minutes after I posted the above - lol.

  7. yeah, it's a good thing you weren't waiting for me, huh. I can't find her again. NOTE TO SELF: BOOKMARK KAREN.


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