Thursday 13, continued, more photos.

Dogs! DOGS!

My dog, the neighbor's dog, the neighbor's friend's dog--and he's today's star! A PUPPY! Pretty much the cutest most mellow puppy ever, he's from a Louisiana shelter. Dude. He came to visit for a few days. . .but is home again.

Okay the rest of my TT photos of Random green things growing in my back yard. I have no idea what these guys are. I know what they're not.

See last vine picture: Evil Rotten Vine of Itching and Pain.

I have the toxic chemical spray for that stuff and I'm not afraid to use it, except when the dogs are around, I guess.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Gas mite kill the planet. My dad dose a mixer of dissel fluet and some other stuff to kill the big weedy around here it works too.
    Lisa R.

  2. In my monitor, the front dog looks purple. It's the exact same color as the purple flowers in the background... do I need to get my eyes checked or is my monitor all wonky?

  3. golly. I was going to say your monitor was broken and he's a nice taupe color but no, Logan is purple. No doubt about it.


  4. Dude. I've heard of punk kids dying their hair purple (and have always been sorta jealous--damn dark hair! I wanna have bizarre punk hair too!) but you're the first person I've seen do it to their dog. Nice. Was that the grape-kool-aid method, or did you use the professional stuff?


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