Know of any Good Contests?

I wrote about contests in today's RU. It looks like a straight promo post, but that's because those happen to be the only contests I know about. Can you tell me of other writers' or publishers' contests that I can add?

I was going to put in the Venus Press contest, but it looks like people are grumbling about VP over there. (btw, the long piece at that blog about Dara Joy will cause writerly nightmares for weeks. Sounds like she's gotten herself into a world of trouble. Ugh.)

Anyway, writers' contests are a great way to get free goodies. It's fun to play and I've discovered a couple of great writers through contests--and got some coffee once too.

Don't forget, there are some things better in life than books, coffee and money. You can win this fab button, designed by a 13-year-old with more computer smarts than most of us will ever have.


  1. I do post about blog contests as I run into them on my blog.

    And you're right, it's a great way to get free goodies.

    Alison Kent is doing a four pack of four giveaway until September sometime, I think.

  2. I don't remember what they call these (Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers) but I did this once for a contest on the LSB Author's blog--winners got a free book. And of course since it was the SEx blog, they had to be er naughty.

    What exactly do we have to do to win that nifty little button?

  3. I like to move it, move it. They like to move it, move it. You like to: move it!

    My girls are only 3.5 & 2.5 yrs old. We watch Madagascar a lot. Indian-voiced lemurs make my day. Or at least for another 50 viewings. Finding Nemo got old eventually...

  4. amie! Enter. You'd have a 33.3 percent chance of winning (yes, only two people have entered. Pah-the-tic) The link to the rules is in the post, or scoot down to Sunday's email.

  5. and it's pronounced Pah the tic because that's what one of the boys said as he read a book aloud once. Paw, the tick works for me.

    oh GOD make it stop ITCHING.


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