falling down on the job

I was going to go to RWA attendees' blogs and fill their comment area with pointless notes (idea copyright Abby Godwin) but I didn't get around much.

I did manage to get to Kris Starr's today, and Arianna Hart's a couple of days back. Hmm. Maybe I'll do a better job at Megan Frampton's. Or maybe I'll give up on outlasting the heat and turn on the AC.


  1. That's okay, heifer, DON'T blog on mine, even though I made a special effort to brag about you on the Belfry site - lol.

    CONGRATULATIONS, sweetie. It was so kewl to hear your name called out and be sitting at a table where several others knew "Summer Devon". *grin* Katazz, Aimless, Lexative, & others were at same table, and other bats were scattered about the room, so you got a big cheer and much applause.

  2. hey, I was the first to admit I did a crummy job. So fire me from the position of blog pest.

    Hope you had a great time, Lyn!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kate, I've gotten myself into a little pickle. Would you pray for me at Latin Mass?

  4. I'll say MEL! Jeepers, I blame it on your dad. He should have slandered clowns or something. No one likes them.


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