Thank you Stephen and TB

Your comments remind me that sanity has intelligent voices, too. (To read them, see the post below. Both left and right comments.) Now I can go make french toast and argue with my kids instead of some invisible specter of intolerance. Goodie.


Update: Nora Roberts agrees which is a relief, too.

Not that I think the powerful should throw around their weight or influence around arbitrarily. . . well, not unless I want them too.

.. . and I'm trying very very hard not to squeEeeal like a 13-year-old at a Good Charlotte or Green Day concert because Nora Roberts visited my blog. It's not working.


  1. The best revenge is just to smile all the way to the bank, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Kate--thanks for posting this. Iloved the comments.

    (and I understand the need to repress the urge to squeal. Laura Kinsale once visited my blog and I couldn't stop giggling for days. Not that I'm a fan or anything.)


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