sadistic genius.

okay, I'm laughing. But it's a sick laughter. I mean life as a toddler is hard enough but to make 'em cry on purpose?

The pictures make me cringe. I spent too many years trying to figure out how to get crying to stop. Ack! Stop! Please! Here, I'll rip out my fingernails if it will make you to stop!

On the other hand I never made a cent when they howled. This woman's probably doing just fine with her crying pictures. And just think of all the kiddie photographers who spend hours trying to get the darlings to stop howling. They are now cursing her. Why didn't they think of this?



  1. Here's a woman who is getting way too much exposure for unimportant, mediocre work. The Ann Coulter of Baby Portraiture, that's what I'd call her.

    Did you see her monkey/ape portraiture? Far more engaging.

    Thanks for your comments back at my place ;)


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