Enough To Cheer Me The Heck Up

A nice review for Futurelove! Awwww. Thanks Linda L, whoever you are.

Futurelove is a delightful read full of spice. Candy is such a spirited girl that keeps the pages turning. Her mother is enough to drive anyone to drinking but when Candy is near Collins, sparks skyrocket. Collins has ‘please help me’ written all over him that makes him sort of irresistible. Not to mention when for the first time he begins to feels arousal. The interesting dialogue between the two holds the readers attention. Ms. Devon crafts a read that spins with such wonderful yarn. The well-developed characters add a great addition to the story. With a man stuck in the past and a woman searching for her future this tale is a sizzling romance that fizzes completely. This story is a hoot and this reader enjoyed every minute of it!


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Huge congrats, Kate/Summer :)


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