SBD delayed adolescence catching up with me

SBD A--Self absorbed: a SBD about me me me me me and not some other writer's damn book.
That's because when I think about books, I tend to write about MY books. I spend more time with MY books than anyone else's.

All the cruising around the political world is taking its toll on my writing. The characters aren't getting preachy and Ayn Rand--it's not that bad. They're just getting obnoxiously unable to put up with any kind of shit. They're smacking down anyone who looks at them funny a la those testosterone blogs that are out there.

Thank goodness I'm not doing this my everyday world. My family wouldn't put up with it and neither would I. (I'm waiting for 'roid rage though. Ended up on prednisone for the stupid never-die poison ivy rash)

This smack down stuff is just in the current romance. I just wrote a scene in which the hero made a simple (though thoughtless) remark and wham! The heroine gets all snotty and backs the hero against the tree and tells him what exactly she thinks of that kind of stupidity. No big misunderstandings in THIS book. Nosirree. They tell each other ex-act-leee what they think.

Speaking of misunderstandings and problems that have to do with politics--but have nothing to do with books--is that I'm spending money on things like this.

questions to self:

Why wear a shirt that makes no sense to anyone who doesn't read the stupid blog?
And if you have to wear the shirt, why do you roll your eyes when people ask you to explain what the heck it means?

Actually I don't roll my eyes, but I don't do a particularly good job of explaining. "I kinda like the kitty," I say. "And I think it's funny. Heh." Weak laughter.

I don't add that I love the Scotty Show even though it can be offensive as hell and insulting to our president and the press secretary of the United States of America. I'm doing snotty delayed adolescence but I'm not very good at it yet.

SBD B--Adolescent Intolerance: My kids are showing signs of it just now. When we parents do something stupid and they smack us down AND never ever let us forget. They can't believe that anyone that stupid could exist much less pretend to have some judgment over them.

I just read a book where the heroine runs away and gets lost in the woods. The hero rescues her. Less than a day later, she's running away again. Into the woods. Where she'll get in trouble. Again.

The heroine is strong, interesting, kind and brave. But by making the same serious mistake twice, she has made it onto my list of I Hope She Dies book characters. When it comes to life and death situations, when a romancelandia character does something stupid more than once, they're Dead To Me.

If she'd been a hero of course I'd have let her get away with excuses. . .I suppose the real life adolescent double standard is that if a kid makes a mistake, he's learning. When a parent does it, they're hopeless doots and should be put of everyone's misery.

Yeah, sounds about right to me--and I'm a parent.

And the whole ADD thing? Isn't that sort of adolescent too? Cause this post suffers from that, too. . . wander, squint briefly at a subject, wander, squint, wander, squint. . .

* * * * * *

See now in real life, you can't keep up impossible standards of an adolescent, right? I mean not for very long because it gets too hard to give the Cut Direct to such a big chunk of the population. Now wait a sec, did I just say an accidental hello to a mortal enemy who once upon a time caused me great pain? . . . Leslie and I learned this one, eh, Ms. Leslie?

Speaking of this, I think I'll accept this person's strong straight-forward apologies because no one else seems to be answering;

JJ Massa, whatever. No one died. It's okay and someone else will make a bigger fool of herself/himself any second on the blogosphere. You will now say three Hail Marys or three repetitions of the Writer's Creed and it will never be mentioned again. Whatever "it" was.

Wait a sec. . While we're in a chanting mood, let me just light a candle here and pray that the next idiot won't be me.


  1. Prednisone shouldn't give you roid rage. The weepies, yes, but rage, not so much. If you have a tendency towards mania, steroids can push you over the edge.

    My characters haven't done anything outrageously stupid, yet, but Lori is about to. Heh. Poor Brad.

  2. Doug--I Can NOT wait. I love those guys. I want the whole book (in print) now

  3. Thanks, Kate. I know hoof and mouth disease isn't contageous, but I wish there was a cure.

    I hope the issue goes away quietly...or just goes away.

    Hey, How about those ... uh what's your favorite sports team?

  4. I just followed the links and agree - JJ handled this WELL and like the pro that she is.

    ROFL at your roid rage *sorry*. And I LOVED your last line. *GRIN*

    ~ Sunny Lyn


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