Thursday 13 sites

HEY Cheryl B! Duh. Of course I remember you.

How's baby Sirius??

Cheryl's remark about visiting and lurking is one of those bloggy things. You know, the blogs you visit and get to know and feel like the bloggers are actual friends.

It's funny how easy it is to set up a rhythm of visiting blogs and then pppppfff it goes away. Like the habit of exercise, it feels permanent until it ....isn't.

I guess that's what RSS is about but I haven't managed that yet. Anyway, clicking over is easy, but Cheryl's right, for some reason it feels odd if too much time has elapsed. Like writing thank you notes or something--it starts to feel like an obligation that was once something fun.

Strange new world of posting and response etiquette. Anyone found a book on this yet? Competent Commenting and Other Bloggly Rules of Conduct: How to Be a Blogger's Favorite Visitor and a Visitor's Favorite Blog.

Anyway, here are 13 sites I used to visit all the time and then . . .stopped because life interfered and now I feel strange about just dropping in. Why? Dunno.

1. Kara Lennox
2 Rob Preece
3. Hula Doula
4. Genuine
5. Elsewhere (ok, I still visit her)
6. Maili
7. Evil Auntie Peril (the funniest, most frighteningly articulate person on the planet)
8. Jennsylvania
9. Arp
10. Cora (and she visits ME so that's really a crime, or etiquette breach.)
11. Paula Reed (though I hear from her anyway)
12. Robin (even though I got the NICEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER from him)
13. mommy needs coffee (although I just went over to see)

and about a gazillion others.

The closest reality-based experience to the blogging social life I can think of is being a regular in a bar. Companionship without the responsibility. When I worked at a bar, some people would show up every week for years--and then suddenly stop. People would comment on it for a week or two but that's about it. Ex-regulars' disappearances didn't rate a little plaque or goodbye ceremony, heck, no one went looking for them. (Although for the 2 or 3 daily guys, yeah, Donny the owner would have knocked on their doors. Fubber, definitely [or maybe he was Fubbah--Boston accents meant I was never clear on the existence or non-existence of the "R"].).

I'll add links later. First I have to go add 5,000 final words to a story. Yay! They all have to be hotttt. Boo!


  1. Your bar story reminds me of the two carpenters my extended family kept employed for years, Eddie and George. They remodeled our kitchen, regraded my uncle's driveway, etc.

    Eddie and George didn't have private phone numbers. You had to call this bar in Framingham, The Happy Swallow, and ask the bartender for one of them. (Supposedly they had apartments above the bar? Yeah.)

    Anyway, for years I would drive past The Happy Swallow and think of those guys and the bartender calling out in his thick Boston accent, "Geoahge! Eddie! Geoahge!"

    I think they must have been regulars. You think?

  2. Oh, geez. I do this, too. I've got a folder on Firefox with all the blogs I like to visit, and in theory, I just click "open in tabs" and go visit.

    I haven't done that in... about 2 months. God, I feel guilty. Worse yet, I really like some of those people.

    Hmmm.... Make the kids dinner & have game night, or go visit blogs while I'm thinking about it... *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.

  3. I feel so special :) I never stopped reading, it was just the typing while holding a baby that I found tricky LOL. Of course, I'm holding a sleeping baby as I type this, but at least he's not grabbing the keyboard. I can't believe he's almost 9 months old.........

  4. I guess it's different a bit for me. I've always worked. Suddenly and without provocation I was struck by that hit by a train. Yeah, that sounds better. No, how about a meteorite dropped on me. ANYWAY, I found I got a lot of my yuks at work from my co-workers. I was a worker bee and liked it that way but I was unable to go back to bee status because the meteorite had robbed me of certain powers. I think it may have been kryptonite. So, rather than pine away for human contact during the day, I found some blogging buddies. And though you are not exactly here with me, it feels like it. "My crew" all have their strong distinct personalities. We all take lunch at the same time. We walk the dogs at the same time. I'm not alone. My blogger bees are funny, insightful, full of surprises and very talented people. It is almost as it was before, me the bee laughing and belonging.

  5. I'm glad you still come by! I'll try & write more on Booland when things get less crazy (which would be...when? I dunno. but sometime!)

    I still read here, too. (actually I just linked to you on a meme on my other blog) But I know what you mean about stopping and then feeling weird dropping in again. I like the bar analogy.

  6. I'll have a beer and some chips, please!

    Oh, this isn't a bar?

  7. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I appreciate you, Katie. If I ever publish my romance, it'll be because of your prodding.

    Yeah, that's what it is. Prodding. Keep prodding me, baby!


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