Lies, etc

1. When I was a teenager, I worked for part of a summer as a tourguide in my home town, Washington, DC. I had a spiel and I was a good girl for a while. But then. . . okay, so I told a group or two that the Washington Monument was leaning a bit. Built on a swamp, don't you know. I didn't bother with the high water mark lie. Pfah. Everyone did that one. I stole the leaning one, but I had a couple of others I'd invented. That's the one I remember because everyone saw the way the monument leaned after I told them that. Only to a few people, okay? And yeah, I do feel kind of guilty.

2. We at Romance Unleashed are doing a cross-talk act with Romance Worth Killing For. It's all about rotten how-to-get published advice we've gotten, and are happy to share--or something along those lines.

3. A review of Taming Him at Romance Junkies. 4.5 stars, no lie.

4. I'm listening to Peter and the Starcatchers. I got the disks from the library for the boys and am now addicted. Strange to hear Jim "Harry Potter" Dale reading another story. Oh, blast. I went to get a link and can see that, of course, there are a bunch of other Peter and ___. Now I know what Dave Barry's been up to.


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