You know how to do this by now. Guess the race of the author. Guess the race of the people mentioned in the excerpt. If you want to guess in the comments, feel free and you can even decide to be anonymous. No fair cheating and googling. One more book for today and then I'll tell you who wrote what on Sunday and the race of the various people. All people, btw. (In case you care--all of today's books are contemporaries, one was released as an AA and the other two as mainstream. Interesting detail du jour--I tried to make a vampire book I found into an unrecognizable/generic contemporary romance. Impossible to do for any length longer than a few paragraphs. Teeth were always glinting or breaking out.)

Bryan walked slowly into the room with his usual loose-limbed grace, his eyes intently focused on her own until he was within touching distance. Callie, her own eyes widening with alarm, moved nervously away from him. Though she’d never experienced it before, she felt she was being stalked. His gaze never wavering, Bryan moved closer again, and then again. Each time he came closer, Callie backed away until finally she abruptly fetched up against the counter. Bryan brushed gently against her, sending tremors through her whole body.

“Bryan, what are you…”

“Shhhh.” He gently took her face between his hands and leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. “Open for me, baby,” he murmured insistently.

When Callie felt his tongue licking delicately at her lips, she couldn’t suppress a gasp, giving him the access he craved. He softly caressed her tongue with his own, trying desperately to keep the kiss tender. It was all he could do not to eat her alive, but he knew that he could easily frighten her off if he weren’t careful. If he was to have any chance at all with her, he would have to temper the fierce desire raging through his body. Even as he realized this, he couldn’t resist the urge to press his body into hers; he had longed to feel her against him for so long.

After a moment’s hesitation, Callie moaned softly and gave Bryan even greater access to her mouth and body. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her tongue followed his back into his mouth. She could feel electrical shocks everywhere her body touched his, and couldn’t resist prolonging the contact.

Her response heightened Bryan’s own pleasure and he began devouring her. His tongue caressed the roof of her mouth and he inhaled her moan of pleasure. His hands slipped down to her hips, pressing even closer, until suddenly he realized that the kiss was exceeding the bounds of decency permissible in her parents’ kitchen. He moved his hands back to her face and broke the kiss, looking down at her lovingly.

“Callie, open your eyes,” he commanded. his raw voice so roughened by desire that his whisper was barely intelligible. Callie looked up at him dazedly. Her lips were swollen from his kisses and Bryan strained under the almost superhuman effort it took to resist the urge to take up where they had left off. When he was certain he had her full attention, he continued, “Callie, I’m not playing with you.”

Then he released her and moved slowly away.


  1. Whoa, I can't tell, but I want the name of the book so I can buy it!!

  2. Interesting. I found this one really confusing because of the head-hopping: we go back and forth between Bryan and Callie, sometimes within the same paragraph.

    Anyway, I'm going to guess that these characters are African-American. I'm guessing that the author is Caucasian. No real reason: as with book C there are very few clues.


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