Thursday Thirteen--writers I found online

I'm liking the Romance Unleashed blog this week. Yesterday's "nearly useless advice" was good. Jes's was my favorite: "Never, never use the same word twice in a sentence." It's almost as good as Strunk's, "avoid the beastly adverb."

Back to the matter of Thursday 13.

The publicity thing is going on again, as usual, blah blah blah. The questions at romance-worth-killing-for boil down to one: is it worth the time it takes from regular writing to have an online presence?

Here are writers who've sold at least one copy of their books because they have an online presence. More than just a rumor that they sold that one copy, because I'm the one who bought it.

1. Shannon Stacey. Not that she needs my help, the biddy.
2. Lyn Cash/Bobbie Cole. a co-conspirator from the online world.
3. Ann Wesley Hardin. Now that Mrs. Giggles says she's a keeper, she'll do great. Right?
4. Kris Starr. another co-conspirator
5. Bronwyn Clarke. Okay, she hasn't sold yet but will once she does, I'm buying her books, every last one of them. And this gives me a chance to push her survey about romance readers. Go fill it out.
6. Beth Ciotta. She is just too nice to ignore. (Fun book, too)
7. Sahara Kelly. Wrote a snarky little remark somewhere (I can't recall where) and I ran off to buy a book. And then another.
8. Bonnie Dee. Yet another writer I found somewhere online and I've forgotten where but that's not the point. It was online, dammit.
9. Lynn Viehl. She might be famous for her lots o' print books, but I found her through her blog.
10. Charlene Teglia. I think I know about her because she came to visit my blog and said nice things so of course I had to buy her books, even though she doesn't have me listed on the side of her blog, but then I don't have her listed either. Hey she uses obscene words for penis! In her books! (a small in-joke. Very small. Joke.)
11. Samantha Winston. We're practically the same person so I had to.
12. Nancy Lindquist. Her online notes to a Samhain group were funny--on purpose.
13. Daisy Dexter Dobbs. Also funny, whether writing notes or books.
oh and
14. because I just got a note from her at myspace, AM Riley. Another writer who should be famous by now.
siigh ...
15 Amelia Elias, even though technically she doesn't belong on the list because I met her in person first (Dallas, TX. At the RWA conference filled with Mary Kay reps. AE stood out because she had more energy than any other life form there.) But still.

Hmm. I can see why we decided we spent too much money on books. There are actually a whole bunch more, like all of the romance unleashed bunch, but it's not called "thursday gazillion." I might make links later but I'm not holding my breath on that one. (I did the easy ones that are on my computer, but am too lazy to do them all)


Doug scares the shit out of us with his tools.


  1. Aww, you should do a Thursday Gazillion! I know I've bought tons of books after running into the author online--not necessarily chatting, but reading funny comments or finding their blog. So it's a good thing to do.

  2. There. You, too.

    are ya HAPPY? as my next door neighbor used to say.
    Are ya HAPPY? are ya?

  3. Okay, I've been convinced I should participate in this Thursday Thirteen movement (does that sound vaguely religious?). I went to their site and am trying to figure out how to lift and paste the html code to put the Thursday Thirteen thingie on my blog. Why does it all have to be so complicated???!

  4. OK somehow I managed to comment on the wrong entry. *head desk* I blame the very very small joke you made for making me laugh and distracting me.

  5. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Oh, the tools aren't that scary.

    Except for the saw.

  6. Hmmm. I could come up with 13, at least. *jots down the idea for future use*

    But curse you--now I've got more authors to check out.

  7. mmmwwwaaaaaaaa for even mentioning me, and doug's tools are scary...

  8. Gee, Kate. That's the 'nicest' thing anyone's said about me in awhile. LOL Thanks so much for the mention and the support!

    As to the whole publicity thing, I'm beginning to lean toward doing what I can without killing myself and putting more of the energy I used to commit to PR into my actual writing. More art, less hype. Or something like that. ;)

  9. The Mrs. G review resulted in at least 75 sales. Don't have all the stats yet, though. So yeah. Good times there.


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