Thursday Thirteen things I have to do today

1. Write TT even though it officially died.

2. Find out when Boy2 had last tetanus shot for overnight school trip form.

3. Make annual doggie appointment and remember to ask why Soozee's canine is partially brown. She's a partially brown canine, but the tooth thing is funky.

4. Write ten pages of smut while trying to track down the elusive agent.

5. Consider buying this book despite the Book (and Other Frivolous Items) Moratorium because I like the cover and the boys like Lemony Snicket. I sometimes do, too.

6. Pick up Boy3.

7. Pick up Boy1 who's taking make-up exams, poor fish.

8. Drop off Boy2 (he'll get the school bus home, but has after-school activities) after picking him up because he missed the bus

9. Pick up Boy2 after activity.

10. Make boring dinner of noodles because boys won't eat much else.

11. Tell family "Ok, you don't like what I feed you, tell me what you do want. And, no, 'chocolate cake' isn't an option. Oh, better still, make dinner yourself."

12. Pick up fixed laptop (curse you, Computer Trades Unlimited. I was so looking forward to launching it off the deck and buying one that actually worked)

13. Finally remember wet clothes in washer, consider running them through again (it's been a day . . mold?) but shove in dryer instead.


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    How did the smut writing go?

  2. Ahhhh, I could just hug that cute dog and kiss her on the lips.

    Oops...we just had an earthquake, a boomer and a roller.

  3. I should have written '13 Reasons Casey Serin Is For Real'.

    That would have convinced you.

  4. Sorry I missed you yesterday! TT is back on--new owners/hostesses!

  5. No rest for the ricked.
    Or is that west for the wicked?
    Anyhow - how did the smut writing go? Did you track down elusive agent? (step quietly and carry a big net...)
    Mine dropped me and won't even write back (I needed to know where she sent my book. *sigh*)
    It sounds like you're a chauffeur too. My day started at 6:30 am when I dropped off number one son at teh fire station, then I was back and forth to the pony club to drop daughter off. Now I'm waiting for my son to call me so I can go pick him up. (looks at watch. Almost dinner time!)
    Have a restful Sunday!
    (or is that westful?)


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