numbering makes it easy

1. I dreamed that I went to a vaudeville show and I wanted to take notes so I could include facts in a book. I didn't have any paper or pen, so I had to try to memorize the facts. The show was in a huge auditorium and very few people were in the audience. Management was giving away gloves and handkerchiefs. The show consisited of lots of stilt walkers and trained dogs and a baby singing Poor Little Buttercup. I did a pretty good job memorizing, huh.

2. If it doesn't get above freezing today we will be angry and resentful and probably pick fights with each other.

3. A boy and I are still in bed and it's past 9. That's because Mike is at work and when he's not around to tell us to get off our butts, that's what we do. We're watching the history channel and noting that Keith Carradine looks old. Criminal activities! Oh boy! Train robbers.

4. I have no idea why any one of these points is worth blogging. Maybe because blogging doesn't equal vacuuming, which is next on the agenda. Change bag, vacuum, plot historical with vaudeville acts. That means the 20th century. Naaaaaah.

5. Oh! I'm reading You Can't Win. An interesting and cool book but I'm not sure how much of it I about unreliable narrators. Doug was talking about them, anyway. Autobiography always have unreliable narrators I say.

6. Maybe I'll only do numbered entries from now on.


  1. Vacuuming is on my to-do list today - so I'm wasting as much time as possible blog hopping.
    Something about housework seems so...futile, lol.
    But hubby is coming home tonight and he is one of those neat-freaks, so I try to be nice. I can happily endure squalor, but he needs clean in order to relax. (the odd couple, lol)


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