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I'm going to go write a few thousand words (good news: Summer has a new contract! yay! bad news: book isn't done yet) and maybe run on a treadmill--but then I have at least three books to post. You can guess anonymously or be brave like Dean, who guessed right, by the way.

Speaking of making a fool of oneself in public: Allow me to share my "Jew eat?"** moment du jour.

I wasn't getting replies from AA authors and I was getting annoyed. "It's because I'm white, isn't it. And I made that dumb stink over at Karen's. That's why they're not writing to me!"

It took far too much stewing and snarling before I realized:
1. they may have lives.
2. it could be they just don't want to bother with a relatively obscure blog.
3. it could be that my STUPID email server rejected their messages.
4. it could be they didn't get my messages because of my STUPID email server.

There's something about spending days talking about discrimination that makes one...a tad oversensitive and prone to seeing it everywhere. When I say one, of course, I mean me. I can't speak for anyone else. By God, that's one thing I've learned.

nose, grindstone.

**Annie Hall, in case you don't remember. Seeing racial slurs where none was intended, where, in fact, race wasn't even remotely an issue.


  1. Kate, don't take it personally. This is a hard topic, and people may not feel comfortable discussing it publicly.


  2. And now I'm regretting that I haven't visited your blog in about a week and missed the rant. Off to see what I missed...

  3. Thanks, Ann. I'm mostly amused.

    It's funny when you (meaning me) think you're soooooo different from other people (meaning anyone too blind to see that it's probably Not About Them) and it turns out you're (I'm) as dopey as the next person.

    And Amelia? I'm posting excerpts later.

  4. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Annie Hall: Woody's last good movie.

    (People have been known to hate me for my blanket pronouncements, so let me add: IMHO.)


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