You know how to do this. Guess the race of the author. Guess the race of the people mentioned in the excerpt. If you want to guess in the comments, feel free and you can even decide to be anonymous. No fair cheating and googling. Last book of the day. Hmmm. I've removed a lot of passages. I hope the author forgives me. It's good writing, but the blog is crappy at long passages.

[on an airplane]
She didn't overflow. His own shoulders edged over the back into the gap between the two seats, but she fit neatly into the plush chair. As he smoldered in silence, [slightly ethnic name removed] smelled her perfume intruding on him. A soft scent, slightly floral, but clean and not overdone. At least he wouldn't hae to endure an overpowering stink for the length of the flight!

. . . He settled back, feeling the rush of the powerful engines as the plane lifted off the runway.

The woman beside him let out a soft keening sound, one of pain, he thought. Or fear. How annoying.

Once they were airborne, [name]'s leg cramped. The persistent attendants would soon fill the aisles with food and drink carts. If he wanted to stretch his legs, he'd best get out of his seat now. He cleared his throat, expecting his seatmate to turn to him, realize he wanted to get past her and let him leave. Instead she remained seated. . . he had to get her attention somehow. He coughed again, a little louder. A little more importantly.

No matter how much leg room there was in first class, it was never enough to get his large body into the aisle without causing the other person to move out of the way. . . A small sound, a sniff, came from the seat next to his. From the corner of his eye, he saw the first tear slip down her ...cheek.

Oh, Lord! She's crying!


  1. This author is obviously green.
    LOL - just kidding.
    I read all the excerpts and I have No idea who wrote what or what color any of the poeple are inside or outside of the story - and it doesn't matter.

    Excerpt B was heavy on the adverbs - that's the only thing I really noticed.

    Book A really caught my attention and I want to read the rest - love the writing, actually. So, let me know where I can get book A.

  2. Very scant clues here. The only ones we have is that the character is big, and he is in first class. Size tends to eliminate a character of Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese heritage, but that's about it.

  3. Oh, and I didn't guess. I'm guessing Caucasian/Caucasian, even though I just realized that you provided a tiny clue by saying that the name removed was 'slightly ethnic'.


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