Okay, so who knows about webpublishing? Anyone? Anyone?
I've spent days and DAYS on this damn thing and I have at last gotten reloaded (yay!) but only for the moment (boo!).

Summer's old server is going away, and there are a bunch of addresses in the html that are apparently connect to that server. I figure that means I should go in and change the address to the same sort of thing. When I substitute the new web address for the old, all the purdy stuff vanishes. Pop. CCS gone. Or is it CSS?


Does anyone know anyone who'll do this piddly stuff? Not the fun creative design, just figuring out where the noob messed up.

more weeping.
is it too early for wine?

Next post will be daisy-bright sunshine, or that's it. No more posting until you get a better attitude, young old lady.

well, since you asked here's the section I'm having trouble with:

[html][head [title>[/title] [META name="description" content="romantica, ellora's cave, erotic stories"] [/head][frameset rows="100%,*" border="0"][frame src="" frameborder="0"][frame frameborder="0" noresize][/frameset][/html][!-- m --]

The address thing in there is the problem (Blogger hated my html so I made the brackets different) ANYWAY, When I change the address to the webpage that I moved to, it doesn't work. I lose the css stuff. Gah! Thank you! Help! Please! Ack!

I think I'll just have to go through ALL the html and try again?


  1. theoretically your links shouldn't change?! you can email me if you want it's amie at

  2. CSS is your cascading style sheet. Without it, bye bye pretty design. Save your CSS.


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