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I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how to move summerdevon.com over to my nice, new, cheap host. And hours trying to figure out why my email at my not-as-nice, new, cheap online provider is bouncing like one of the tiny superbouncy superballs that our dentist hands out to kids. (Our dentist has the best balls.)

We're getting as cheap as we can without actually sacrificing any of the luxuries we have come to view as necessities (copyright, Andrew Tobias)

Back to shifting webpages to the new place, I still don't know how and I have frigging Front Page, which assumes I'm a dummy (hello, says microsoft!).

And ummm, it's not cold, so that's good. Yup. (It's clouding up, though.)

So why aren't I posting more often, you might ask?

Because the posts are lame and because you guys are all drifting away (cause, effect?). Snivel, sniff. My audience is shrinking and soon I'll be Aunt Emmeline in the corner talking to myself (Mating Season, PG Wodehouse), but I won't have cats because we don't truck with those animals round here. (I do, but no one else does. Stereotypical menfolk live here.)


  1. I think you have better things to do. Check out my blog to find out. Peace.

  2. Awww...

    I'm still here. Just don't comment much.

  3. I'm here, too--why all the downsizing, besides the obvious?

    And what are you writing now?

  4. I couldn't get past the 'my dentist has the best balls' phrase.

    I'll come back and read the rest later.


  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Of course I check your blog daily at least and it's always a big highlight when you do post b/c you're brilliant and no that doesn't mean you should post any more often than you already do or want to and I'm a rocket scientist and even I have no idea how to make a web site sit in one place let alone move from one place to another. Whew.

  6. Our dentist has the best balls


    I check daily but am often pressed for time so don't comment. But I enjoy what you have to say!!


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