sort of breaking news

Anna Genoese is leaving Tor. No more spotting her at RWA conferences--she was always fun to spot at conferences. Bah.


  1. Re: the comment below -
    practically the same person? LOL! Yup, yup.

    As in, from reading Kate's blog you'd never know this gal writes Sizzling hot stuff, lol!
    Someone made that remark the other day about my blog -
    I'm going to change it.
    I've asked Oopsie Daisy to be in charge of things.

  2. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the news. I have a submission there. I suppose that will slow down the process considerably. I wonder who they have to replace her?

    Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog a while ago. I just found I had this moderate comments thingie turned on and a pile of unread comments all stored up. My vow for the new year is to become a better blogger. To keep mine better and visit others more. And of course, yours was the first place I stopped.


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