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My husband thinks I should delete that last post. He says why the hell do you put that stuff on there? (I shouldn't have shown it to him.)

ANYWAY so we'll go back to the whole niche/segregation publishing thing, shall we?

T pointed out that the publishers might well be pushing the whole growing Latina romance subgenre onto its own shelves. (She'd know--she's considered the genre)

I wonder how writers who sign on with those lines feel about that. Or how they'll feel when the shelves with their books aren't near the mainstream romance section since I don't think it's grown large enough yet to merit its own section.


  1. I love my family too, the whole entropic messy bunch of them, and wouldn't trade any of them for anything, even when they're being difficult. Which they aren't, at the moment, but still.

    Your blog, your mushy stuff. I put mushy stuff on mine all the time, probably because I'm an all-round mushy person.

  2. Ohh I mushy up my blog too. Gotta.

    Latina. Interesting. I asked this BEFORE I submitted to the house I did. One story I wrote, although the H/h are Latin, because I have no understanding of the latin culture (although I am, I was not raised in it and have no authentic flavor) I wrote what I know. I went to the Brava board where I submitted the story and asked if it would be published as Latina. I was told no, it would be marketed as a romance. So, I'm hapy with that. Not because I do't want to be marketed as such, but because I think most Latinas reading it would go, "WTF?" I just don't have that same experience as they do. Matter of fact, Ferfe probably has more of an understanding of the Latino culture than I do.

  3. I'd like to know what Latino/a authors think about this too, and whether they see it happening.

    I'm debating bringing this up with my chapter, as we have both AA and Latina writers. I'm just not sure I want to tear up the chapter the way the topic tears up blogs. Or whether it's appropriate. The topic hasn't come up on its own, and as the president, I'm not sure bringing it up would be fair.

  4. I don't get why it's so emotionally explosive. I get sucked right along into it, too (witness my endless blahblahblah about the use of the word white over at Karen's)

    It brings out such a need to circle wagons for so many people.

    I was sort of hoping for Latina writers it would be more about the economics and less about the racial stuff.

  5. I like the Mush!! Tell him it's your blog and you'll mush if you wanna.


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