If I knew how to do a screen save

I'd take a picture of the fact that MY blog showed up on USAtoday, thanks to Jane at DearAuthors.

I wrote "MY name showed up on USAtoday," but um, no, that's not really true because my name is misspelled. Hurry! Look! Before it goes away! (It was on the first page for an hour or so.) I am so impressed with myself.

update: And I'm impressed with how many people know how to do a screenshot.
Thanks, CD and Amie.
The question on my mind: does the 15 min of fame rule count if they spell your name wrong? I think you're allowed overtime play for that.


  1. I am very impressed, too! And you can google 'screen save' to figure out how to save on a PC. I did it on an Apple, it's easy as pie.

  2. heck, I don't need to lift a finger. CORN DOG IS ON THE JOB! [cue hero-swoooping-in music]

  3. Hey did you get my email? I did a print screen and saved it foryou

  4. Amie--I didn't but that's not surprising. I've changed email providers lately and the service is spotty at best.

    Sigh. Thank you for the offer!!!!!!

    Corn Dog sent me a picture and I'll load it someday soon.

  5. Cool, Kate Rothewell,... very cool!

  6. Congratulations, Kate! Now let's hope that all those USA Today readers buy your books.

  7. Anonymous11:24 PM

    It's good thing that USA Today doesn't care about spelling errors because my posts would only pass muster 50% of the time. And why didn't you tell me?

  8. I was too budy being impressed by your connection to Big Time News to fret over an extra E.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Very very cool!!!
    Congrats -
    I still want to know who was book A, lol!

  11. patience, grasshopper.

  12. And I thought I was the world's freakin' worst speller. Guess not. Guess my title has been snatched by the editors at USA Today. Does that mean I could get a job there in the spelling depertmant?


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