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1. Beau Crusoe is a very good book. Read it.

2. Yesterday was The other Call day. Rita (for published books) and Golden Hearts (for unpublished mss), the big name awards for Romance Writers. Or so Romance Writers think. SBTB and Dearauthor have already put up their rants about it. I might act like yeah, I agree, no big deal, but if I ever got that call, I'd be pretty flipping happy. I didn't enter this year, so I wasn't waiting by the phone.

I like what Jes's ideas on how to cope with the pressure:
The Rita is very fun, I think. I'm excited for the winners especially my friends who are in the running and I always love the ceremony.

But... for the rest of us...well, you know... sometimes Rita Day is not so fun.
. . .here's a little list of things you can do to liven it up a bit...

Call people... announce "Hi, this is XXX from the RW"....static, static..."I'm calling to tell you that you are a" ...static, static....more static.... "are you still there?" static... static....bang the phone on the desk for fun then hang up.

2. Tell everyone you finaled even though you didn't. Be indignant about it.

Make up a category..."I, Nell Dip-Hiswick, would like to announce that I'm a finalist in the Erotic Traditional Contemporary Category."
The others are on her myspace blog.

3. Bronwyn finalled in the Golden Heart. About flipping time. Next year or maybe the year after, I expect to see her final in the Ritas. If she doesn't then I'll know it's all true what they say about those contests.


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Kate, what would I do without you? Your support and cheerleading - and your kicks up the backside - are more than appreciated!

    The partial ms was requested by an agent a week or two back, so keep your fingers crossed :-)

    Are you going to Dallas? I still haven't quite given up hope of going, but if by some miracle I can, it will be a quick trip, with no side trip to CT, unfortunately.

    (Unless I win the lottery, or some millionaire donates $5k.)


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