What I want to do

I'm inspired by Karen Scott's blog... only instead of the Author Speaking, I want the books to speak.

And I want to expand our horizons. I want to post book selections with any possible references to race (or species) blocked out. I want to see if people guess the race of the characters.

It's a way to discover possibly new authors after all. Can't be bad.

So if any author out there wants to send me a first few pages of her book that's PG13 (although I have an exception in mind)--the excerpt, not the book--and doesn't mind me messing with anything that would give away the race/species, go ahead. Tell me where it's published and shelved (if it's paper). I might be asking for trouble but that's fine. I love reading bits of other people's work. Trouble is that my email has been sucking lately so if you don't hear from me, blame email. And I might say no for my own random reasons. After all it isn't often we writers get to wear the other shoe. The "Doesn't Fit Our Needs At This Time, But We Wish You The Best Of Luck Placing It Elsewhere." crap we get daily in our email.

Why am I doing this? I got an email from a friend. (yes, she is still my friend. I'm too old to be entirely self-righteous about gooberish talk) saying she didn't read AA books because they weren't about people like her so she had trouble getting into the stories. I pointed out that she told me she liked my books and in my latest book, people turn into animals. But then I thought this would be a fun way to see if she's right or talking out her butt. I must say I hope I get some great "oppressed in society person" book and everyone guesses it's AA and it turns out to be a scifi set on the planet M'Don'ut.

I've already emailed a couple of authors and if they say no thank you, I'll go back to writing about the things my dog chews up.

Edited to add unrelated self-pimpage: HEY! Summer Devon has a four penii review at Doug's place!


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    1. HA! Sweet idea.

    2. Pointless pedantry alert: It's either penes or penises. Why? Because Cecil says so.

  2. oh. you're correct, of course.
    But don't you think the word penii looks right? those last two letters just seem . . . .right.

    heh, and san serif font would be the circumsized version.

  3. ... I will never look at a font in the same way again.


  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I find that dicks conveys the notion well enough, don't you?


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