Another Reminder

Feeling rotten about missing my chat last night? Assuage that guilt! Try again tonight.
9 pm EST noveltalk

It's your chance to find out if I get to make an ass of myself again!

Last night someone named Susan showed up and said something nice about my books. I said, aw thanks, it's lovely to hear good things because, see, it can be tough on the ego being a writer.

I asked her if she was trying to be a writer, and she said yes, and I think I even gave her a couple of tips or something equally mortifying along the lines of "don't give up, it can be hard to get published!" I can't recall what, exactly, because those chats go fast.

Turns out it was Susan Meier. Yeah, she's a writer: she's published 28 books.
Oh. Ah.

Beth is excused tonight because she has put in her time. She can do something more fun tonight, perhaps drink something with six ingredients and a frothy top.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    You've seen my refrigerator. I don't HAVE six ingredients.


  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Oh dear about the nice authorly advice, lol. But you know, advice is always welcome!!
    I was once sitting next to someone at a luncheon. I asked him what he did - and he replied he was a drummer.
    I wished him luck, adding that being a musician was very hard, and I hoped he'd find a group and be successful. I have a cousin who is a musician, so I gave him some advice.
    He sort of coughed into his napkin and asked me if, by any chance, I knew of a group called 'Police'. Turns out it was Stuart Copeland.


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