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Warning to My kids: Don't read this unless you enjoy the idea of therapy.

I've been stopping by Bam's review of Revealing Skills and we've discussed the theme of powerful hoo-hahs and noted the lack of magic wands wielding similar powers. **

As soon as I finished writing RS, I read three stories with magic, potentially deadly vagina (no, not teeth. More like they dispensed Wicked Killer Orgasms) and now I can't find them because they were ebooks and naturally the laptop of doom--damn you, Dell--lost them. I can't find the stupid titles, either.

So PART ONE OF my SBD is what the hell are the names of those stories? They're published by Samhain, EC or Liquid Silver since I don't think I've bought any other books lately. . .oh blast. Fictionwise. I forgot they have all sorts of publishers.

PART TWO of SBD: And why aren't there more dongs of destiny/death? Maybe because because dongs = death is too much like some real life situations? Can anyone think of a story in which a male can make pleasure nearly deadly?


**okay, I've also been stopping by to visit and admire her praise.

* * * * *

Unrelated to DeathSex, but related to writing. I'm definitely going to have to get better at world building. I've read PBW's** links--she and her links are providing most of my education lately. I even have an idiot's guide to world building (nearly all of it, anyway. The dog of death chewed about a quarter of it away back in her chew-it-all days. Real title: Writer's Guide to Creating a Science Fiction Universe. [true confession: it puts me to sleep])

I have a strong idea of the world and the systems of magic, but when I edit, I tend to chop away anything that looks like backstory or explanation and that's a mistake. The problem in Revealing Skills is that the two main characters are basically clueless. Heh. Problem? more like convenient reason not to go into too many explanations. I loathe explanations in stories. But obviously (more than one person has noted this) I better improve my magic and rules and worlds.

Nice to have a specific task when I start my Magic Wand story.

No, no, I'm not writing that. At least, not now.

**UPDATE: speaking of PBW, you have to read this.

* * * *

Oh, Christ. Mrs. Giggles is over there talking about how she's reading more Summer Devons because of Bam's recommendation. Eeeiiiii. If she hates them all and writes 04 reviews of 'em, I'll blame Bam. I sent Mrs. G Futurelove, the only one I thought she'd like -- based on years of studying her habits and reviews. Actually when it first came out, I thought she'd like Somebody to Love, but it's just as well she didn't read it. (Araminta does a bit of self-sacrificing and that's Mrs. G's least favorite act by any female character. Hmm. Does she mind males who do it? Another double standard to explore: Sex organs and Sacrifice.)

* * * *

Even more removed from SBD. Margaret is improving. Antibiotics help. Is this good? For me, sure. For her, I'm not so certain. I'll find out after they wake her up. (At this point it's medication keeping her asleep for the breathing tube.)

My poor dog. Call the SPCA on me, please. Put me out of my guilty misery. I put her out last night at nine. At FIVE AM, I stumbled from bed and didn't step on her. (when the husband's in town, she sleeps on the floor by my side) Uh oh. The Poor Thing. She was huddled on the mat outside, looking more than pathetic.

If she was one of the kids, she'd tell me all about how miserable she was and go on and on about what a rotten mother I am--until eventually, I would tell her all right already, I'm sorry and okay, I can't do any more apologising, so please knock it off.

No, she came in and was delighted to see me. She still loves me and thinks I'm wonderful. Result? I'm still feeling guilty and apologising.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Ok, now this is going to say a lot for my reading style, but there is this book where the guy is an alien sort of guy and the gal can't swallow because if she does, she'll die! Oh, and he can't cme inside her either.
    I just noticed I wrote come as cme, but I kind of like it, lol.
    Anyhooo where was I? Yes - deadly sperm. The girl almost dies but in the end his sperm changes her and she becomes sort of alien too. And she's a reall kick-ass cool heroine. This was an EC book, and the first one to tell me what the title was wins a copy of...
    The Phallus from Dallas! Yes, the one and only Mitch of the massive meat - who's size makes him deadly.
    (Sam, crawling back under her rock now...)

  2. Damn, That is quite a plot and a wonderful challenge, Sam. (not that I believe you'd sacrifice your copy of the P from D)

    I hope someone comes up with an answer.

  3. Traveler by Melanie Jackson. Love, love, LOVE all her Wildside romances! Traveler features a hero who's a Death Fae. You guessed it--he can either give the petit mort with his Magic Staff, or he can send a gal out with a bang. (Okay, I couldn't resist.) Read it, you'll love it. Then read her book about Santa Claus. Yes, Santa. Just do it.

  4. okay, I'm there, amelia. And actually I haven't gotten your latest titles either. Time to go ebook shopping

    Sam? You going to ship The Phallus?

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I have to go check out the Traveler by Melanie Jackson - was it an EC book?
    The one I'm thinking of is by Sherri King (Oh, I'm practically giving it away!!)

  6. No, it's not from EC, it's some New York publisher, not an ebook. I can't remember who published it. Check, and get everything by her from the Wildside Romances. They all absolutely kill.


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