I'm supposed to chat somewhere online in a half an hour (yes, another chat. I'm an attention whore plus masochist. [note to self: There has to be an EC in there somewhere.])

And I have no idea where to find it. I tried googling without a lot of luck.

I love romances and more, Gia's note said. I did find this http://www.loveromancesandmore.com/** but there's no sign of a chatty place. Hmmm.

UPDATED: It might be here. If this is it, might be tough because yahoo's been so horrible lately. I see Bonnie Dee's been by to chat. Not bad!

Hey what is with yahoo? Why is it so sucky?

UPDATED 2: TOMORROW. The thing is tomorrow. January 28. Sunday. Right. Never mind.

**you think I'd remember them--they gave me a Golden Rose award a couple of years go. Ingrate Kate.

Please join me for a chat
(yes, another chat, but it's the last one, I swear)
Sunday Morning 1/28, at 11 a.m., yahoo willing.**

**I know, I know. Tacky. Does it count as less tacky because I've picked up the habit and am now muttering "Insha'Allah" every time I make plans? And I feel a little insecure if I don't?


  1. Kate:

    I just know I'll totally forget about the chat, or be at the gym, or be watching the son play video games, because nothing says entertainment like a seven year-old playing video games. While you watch. Yee-haw.

    But good luck, and ask yourself (forgive me if you have) if you've ever considered combining your two voices and writing romantica set in late 19th century New York? With maybe a nice guy hero?


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