proud of our local idiot crooks

Trainwrecks may be gone, but while looking for the ladies in the Advocate (no Bosnians yet) I did find this great weekly feature of local trainwrecks.
here's one from the article:

There’s something charming about a repentant thief, though we wonder about the wisdom of being simultaneously as good and as bad as Richard Corlette reportedly was. Corlette, 41, allegedly grabbed a woman’s pocketbook from her car last week while she was shopping at Sophia’s Plaza in East Windsor, the Journal-Inquirer reported. However, the woman saw Corlette as he took the pocketbook and got into his own car, police said. As he was trying to drive away, the woman opened his car door, took back the pocketbook, and said, “You gotta try harder than that,” according to police. He apologized, saying he needed the money, and drove away, police said. The woman took down his license number and police tracked down Corlette at his Windsor Locks home. As if he hadn’t already said enough, Corlette then admitted what he’d done and was arrested, police said. He was released on $2,000 bond.


  1. ... wow, Miskate... that's some mighty fine stupid you're growing up there.

  2. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I saw trainwrecks has a refugee camp up. I wonder if it\'s gonna take off.


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