I ran around gathering refugee crafts today. Run, run, drive, run. My day = dull
Yours any better?

The radio thing didn't happen after all, and tomorrow I'll go with all my rugs, lace, mittens, socks, hats and whatnot to meet the lady so she can do a better job of talking about the refugees, I hope. The radio interview will air Friday the 12th.

I'll meet the lady in the building we--and everyone else, I think--call The Democrats. Why? Because until five or six years ago, this building was the headquarters of the local Democratic committee. After they cleared out, there was still the name painted on the front of the building, but the sign has been gone for at least three years.

It's kind of like the habit of naming housing developments after the landscape that was destroyed to make the houses, "Meadowglen" "Shady Forest" (When we were looking for houses in Maryland, we quickly learned that the good communities usually had undistinguished, dull names and one should avoid names that evoke brooks and fields and prettiness). Kind of like that, but more charming.

All of the sudden. .. I feel like Beth, in that I am being attacked by a food craving at an inconvenient time. At this moment, I want--no, I NEED--a pumpkin spice thingie from Starbucks and I want it so much I might go downstairs and shake out a bunch of nutmeg, cinnamon and mace to sniff because we don't have any pumpkin pie spice.

I've not done any writing today and I won't tomorrow. How about you?


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I am not writing. It is still vacation for me. I will be on vacation until I feel like I've Actually HAD a vacation.

  2. Anonymous12:37 AM

    I love that I am strongly associated with sudden and undeniable food cravings. Seriously, that's awesome. I want it on my headstone: "She still wants those spicy noodles."

    And you should get the Coffeemate pumpkin spice - easy quick and keep in the fridge voila.


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