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finally Bloooger's letting me post.
I'm going to put up the same note I'm frantically sending to every group I belong to:

Tonight I'm going to go over to Romancejunkies at nine p.m. EST

and tomorrow night it'll be noveltalk, same time. (I'm listed as Kate there)

Eeeiiiii! It's been months and now two in two nights? Why don't I know how to plan my life?

Don't answer that.
or wait!
Do answer it in detail! Tonight or tomorrow. Please come visit me!
You win books, and not just mine. I have a Jackie Ivie I might be giving away. or a Lori Devoti. . .I have to take a good look at my shelves.

* * * *

Bam's put up another review of a Summer Devon book. This is the novella that's in Taming Him with Kimberly Dean and Michelle Pillow. She liked all three, especially the one by Kimberly Dean.

ha, and it turns out I'd read Fever in ebook form! Linda loved it and told me to get it so I did. It was great.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    That's 3 a.m. for me. So I'll be there in my dreams.
    *sigh* Sorry!
    Loved Bam's review!!! Great one!!

  2. I cracked up over Bam's review. "What's romantic about pulling a train"?! *giggle*


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