True Love

So my husband's in Seattle Portland (Doug was right. The husband drove between the two cities twice! Ugh! Winter!) and of course he visits Powell's--a required trip for all tourists.

And instead of looking for mysteries, he heads straight for the romance section to see if he can find my books. He called me up to give me a report.

We're talking real deal here: he was even willing to carry this book with this cover around the store. (He was looking for his sister to show it to her. I doubt he bought it--there is a limit.)

She's a loyal SIL too. Apparently she has the Dutch copy of Somebody Wonderful sitting out in the open. (Hey, I didn't know what else to do with them so I sent copies to random relatives. I still have a couple. Anyone want one?)

OHhhh. And last week I found out SW is being translated into Italian. Yahoo!


  1. He's a good egg. My spouse has my book sitting on his desk (at Sirius Satellite Radio), and is so proud of it.

    And my book just sold out at Powell's! Did your husband buy it, too?


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