Go! Enter a worthwhile contest for once.

1. It'll help some food-prep challenged people
2. You may win a real cook book. Look around and you can find something hardbound and fancy-ass and Doug will have to pay for it. He promised.

So far the only recipe I've come up with:
open box of cereal
pour cereal into bowl
add milk or yogurt to bowl.


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM


  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I entered, I entered.
    And that bowl of cereal recipe - Kate - amazing. So fast and easy - and the kids Love it! Thank you!


  3. Snorting at snarky Sam.

    Do they HAVE cereal in France? I thought you guys could only eat baguettes in the morning.

  4. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Are you kidding? Rice Krispies - staple diet in our house.

  5. You know, contests like that are hell on my cooking style. Normally it goes something like this:
    1--Look in freezer
    2--Curse lack of instant meals
    3--Grab some chicken, cook it, add random stuff from the fridge and pantry
    4--Soak up the adulation of the family.

    Well, 4 is usually optional, although my cooking-challenged brother is always lavish with his praise. Seems to think flattery will keep me happily cooking his meals. It's not the flattery, though--it's the fact that he always volunteers to do the dishes that makes me do it. I'm much better at getting the dishes icky than cleaning them up.


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