I guess the real world came to visit too often

All that's left at Trainwrecks.
"Sorry, folks, but Trainwrecks is gone and it's not coming back. Some deeply disturbed people with an irrational fixation on this site decided that stupid photo montages, libel, and obscene anonymous comments just weren't enough, so they decided to take their little hate campaign into the real world. And since their information came from gossip and bad detective work, they didn't exactly hit the right targets. As anyone might have expected, the people who suffered the most were not even involved with this site.

Once it became clear that the people posting at Heaven Nose were willing to cross the line between a one-sided flame war and real-life harassment, our web host decided enough was enough, and we agreed. This site wasn't important enough to us to be worth having innocent people harassed at home and work. We're done."

No, I had NOTHING to do with it.


  1. Anonymous3:11 PM


    Yesterday I found myself reading the other blog whose name I don't really feel like giving out but starts with a V and is related to the one that Trainwrecks talks about, and thought, "Wow. These guys are really insane." Then I headed over to the HN and thought, "Wow. These guys are foul-mouthed and insane."

    It's too bad. I enjoyed Trainwrecks, I did.

    Thank god you had nothing to do with it. I wouldn't want rabid folks like these coming after me at all.

    (And I read on another blog, forget which, that there were people calling the wrong lady at her law office. Same name, different state. Ah, Harrassment. Such an accurate tool.)


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