and I would like to direct your attention to the wonderful new system for bookstores in the comments section. I think Sam and I will share the patent on this one. But I get more money because she wasn't serious.

Forgot a couple
Book of My Hands=crafts
Book of My stomach=cookbooks.

Wonder where the mystery/thrillers would be filed?

Updated: Come on kids, play along at home! Raise and/or settle questions like:
"Would the book of my blood be a search for a person's ancestors (Roots would be filed there) or where we'd find Anne Rice's work?"


  1. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Mystery books will have to go under 'books of my nerves', and paranormal books can go under 'books of my ESP', otherwise known as 'books I don't have to read at all...I already know them.'
    Erotic paranormal books will be known as 'bomers', of course.



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