nuisance BoML

I just finished writing another book that I don't think my agent wants. It doesn't fit any particular group (maybe Nocturne? On an off day?).

I don't do the book of my heart thing, but I keep having these books that refuse to go away. Not really books of my heart, more like books of my liver (BoML).

We're not talking passionate longing to write a masterpiece. This is a matter of detoxing the system so maybe I can get a happy, fun historical or a smutty romp that'll sell. I don't think the BoML are precious important works of art. I don't think they're any better than my usual sit-down-and-come-up-with-something-on-deadline sort of writing. In fact, I suspect they're worse. They're simply noisier than the other books.

There's still one lingering and it's the dopiest of them all. I can't figure out how to get the whole thing to work, but it won't go away. Usually the only way to figure these things out is to write them down, so I'll do a rough rough draft, as many pages as possible in a day. And that's that, damn it.

I mean it.

Once I get this Alzh/Schiz book done, I don't want any more liver trouble.


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Now what kind of silly agent wouldn't want a BoML book? I mean, seriously!
    What did you do with the other BoML books?
    Is there a market?
    Keep my future publishing house in mind. I'll be glad to take all your BoML books. I'll even make a section for them.
    Historical Fiction
    BoML Books
    Science Fiction / Fantasy

    How's that?


  2. hmmm. I get the impression that you're mocking me, sorta.

    But why not? Divide bookstores into body parts--establish with the author/publisher what organ fits.

    Book of my heart=prolly need kleenex and it's going to be moving
    Book of my private parts=obvious hawt at the moment
    Book of my liver=a mess that's being filtered from the system

    Book of my kidney=kinda like the liver but flows better.

    Book of my brain=take a while to read.Literary fiction or something with a lot of footnotes.

    Book of my pituatary=going to be about growth of characters.

    Book of my lymph system=hmm gotta ask Doug about this stuff.


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