it's that time again.

I hope you'll be ready to play the State Of The Union Drinking Game! at 9 tonight (Maybe not you, Amelia. You probably still haven't recovered from last year's game and should stick to SOTU bingo.)

Members of all political parties can play, btw. And you can keep it simple. Just take a shot every time you see Nancy Pelosi applauding. I won't be participating. I plan on reading a chapter of Thud! to my kids. Terry Pratchett beats GWB I'm afraid.


  1. Is that where all my braincells went?

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Terry Pratchet or Demented Dubya?
    No contest.

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    There isn't enough alcohol in my house for me to be able to play the SOTU drinking game...and I have ale, wine and liquor. I suppose it is just as well: I would have a horrendous hangover and be too ill to work tomorrow if I drank that much.


  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    That drinking game? I would reach toxic levels of alcohol within 5 minutes. No way I'm playing.

    We'll skip dumbya and watch the rebuttal. Webb is sure to make a splash.

  5. Missed the SotU (my mother had a doctor's appt today and I had to grill her for all the details) but I did catch the rebuttal. Then I looked it up online and read the speech.

    I shoulda drank. I can feel my face, and a great deal of disgust.

  6. I'm with Doug on this one. I probably would have been rushed to the ER with alcohol poisoning within the first 5 minutes.


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