some days. . .

I swear it takes a long hard cry and then a Barbara Metzger. No one can do it like Barbara Metzger and I wish someone would give her a contract that let her do it in her best style (trad regency) Heck, I need them to let her play with the language again.

Cath, I wish I'd kept better touch but I will. Though honestly, you might not want me in person. In the Victorian novels they clasp hands and weep and turn pale and maybe swoon. I race to the nearest bathroom--or moan about it.


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Didn't the Victorian ladies have all the fun?
    They got to swoon. They got to be interesting shades of pale. They got to glide across the floor, and dab at their mouths with lace.
    Oh, where are my old Heyer books? Must read one now!

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Oh, and what's this 'I get more money because Sam's not serious'?
    I'm serious.
    Most of the time.
    OK, I think I was serious when I told my husband not to smoke in the bathroom anymore. He thought I was kidding. But I showed him and flushed while he was in the shower.

    Oh, if you have any books you don't know what to do with - go check out our new publishing site!


  3. Ouch. That certainly is serious! Did the husband stop with the smoking?
    I also envy the victorians their props: hair receivers, the reticules, the vinagrettes, the calling cards, the mourning lockets. . .


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