boxes under the bed, more personal blathering

The boxes are cardboard. When I'm feeling virtuous, I pull them out to vacuum the dust, and sometimes I look through the books to see if there's anything I should stick on the bedside table.

There's also a box of jeans and other clothing--all stuff that's way too small for me.

This morning I was looking for something to wear and yanked out the box of clothes.

I tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn't button last September. They fit fine, a little loose. So I tried on the corduroys that I couldn't even pull all the way up my legs in September. They fit, too. And the khakis and the other blue jeans. Every pair of them FIT. Apparently that's what thirty-two pounds down will do for me. I was blown away. Just like I don't notice when I'm fat, I don't notice when I'm not fat.

Wow. How could I not see the difference? But I really don't. When I got downstairs, wearing the now-loose jeans, I hefted the unopened 25 lbs sack of dog food and told the very interested dog, "look, I've lost more than this. Holy shit!"

I didn't open the sack, so she lost interest--but I'm still amazed. How in the world could I have been carrying that on my body and not really notice when it went away? We're talking completely unsensitive to slow-changing body patterns here. I bet I'd make a great lobster. The heat would go up verrrry slowly and I'd be humming cheerfully to myself right til the end when I turned bright red.

I'm making some extra coffee to celebrate the empty box. When I lose the next 30 lbs, I'm buying new clothes.


  1. Well done! There's nothing better in the world than putting on jeans that didn't used to fit.

    (hmm... maybe the word verification is trying to give me weight loss tips. The word's trybms. Eww.)

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    WOO HOO! Congrads on the weight loss. Doing the weight loss dance myself. Keep it going

  3. Yay for you! I am SO impressed!


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