You know what's the second best thing in life? Sleeping in. Makes for the wildest dreams.

Interpret these babies, Siggie:
I was hired to do a show for some Home and Garden network. We'd go into very classy houses and mess them up. One place had a huge marble table in the dining room. We took it out and put in a beat up old picnic bench. Sheer genius, huh? Oh and we'd put piles of books everywhere.

I sat next to a window that had a built in magnifying glass. So you'd pick up the newspaper hold it up to the window and the words would appear bigger just because of the window. Smart, but not quite there yet.

I bought some sort of chewing gum that you were supposed to chew for a while--not too long--and then shove it up your nose so you'd smell nothing but delicious (and changing) scents all day.

. . . Okay. Time for coffee and blah reality.


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    ooo ooo ooo I know the last one! I know!

    You need to blow your nose.

    I have better dreams. Sorry to pimp myself, but I really love that post.


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