birthday bread horse

So what did you think it was?

It's just what I said: a horse made of bread for someone's birthday, as described in Joy of Cooking.

But. . .why? you ask.

Why not?

The middle sag happened after a day or two and the wooden barbeque stakes holding it together are more evident. The pretzel ears and raisin eyes were an addition, as was the bagel tail. I've turned past BBHs into french toast or bread pudding, but I think this guy is toast, as in no longer edible.


  1. So, is this a tradition? It's very cool.

    I went through a period of a couple years where everyone I had any reason whatsoever to give a birthday present to got a chocolate bread bear. Except for my mom, who hates chocolate, so hers was raisin bread. They were cute & delicious, and there's a picture of one somewhere, but it's back in TX and I'm not. I really need to resume that tradition.

  2. Thanks for sharing the picture. I wondered what it looked like. :)

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Thats the worst horse I ever saw


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