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I'm not watching any September 11th events. So many of them seem to be pushing for something that doesn't feel entirely genuine.

On the other hand what the HECK do you suppose the message is these people meant to send? Sick puppies.

and since fiveandfour actually asked . . .there's also this. lots of yelping about the ABC movie, which is bound to have a huge viewership now even though the one review I've read was pretty funny:

I once sat in a car forever waiting for my mom to come out of a grocery store. I thought that was the definition of "interminable." I had no idea "The Path to 9/11" was in my future.

This is what happens during 4 1/2 lonnnng hours of "Path." Terrorists talk about killing Americans for Allah. FBI and other security officials try to track them but fail. 9/11 happens.

You don't say.

This is the most anticlimactic, tension-free movie in the history of terrorist TV


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    How ironic that at the exact moment your post loaded onto my screen that a reminder message about my company's annual moment of silence and memorial also came up.

    The other day I came across the names of some people I knew who had been in the Twin Towers and - boom! - instant tears. Guess that means I'm not quite ready to watch the "5 years later" stuff being so kindly and altruistically hosted by the media. Shucks, what a shame.

  2. but have you signed any petitions telling ABC where exactly they can put their documentary?

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    I haven't seen any petitions. Whenever I see one of the "Cs" breathlessly promoting what they're planning to do, as if they're giving us all a chance to come together as one and heal or something, I turn the channel. It just touches my irate button so successfully that I go from rational and calm to foaming at the mouth in the blink of an eye. I figure that can't be good for me, so I've put Project Avoid Network TV (aka PANT) in motion. Thus far it's going pretty well - I've had nary an eye twitch, teeth gritting or fist clench in about a week.

    Though I am interested in those petitions...

  4. here you go.

    I wasn't particularly troubled by it until I read that they'd distributed preview copies to a whole bunch of right leaning pundits (Limbaugh, O'Reilly etc) and wouldn't let Clinton have a copy. Hmmm. Sounds a tad POLITICAL and I don't begrudge politics, but not with this...nosirree.

  5. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I actually left a message and I never do that. It's just so incredibly infuriating how politics of late (or a certain political party, anyway) keeps finding lower and lower depths to stoop to. And the lower they dive, the lower everyone gets dragged down.

    While my intellectual side takes interest in seeing how "history" gets determined, my emotional side can't help but be enormously outraged by things like this which hint that apparently "history" is made by whoever can tell the most insulting lies. Makes me wonder what else has happened in the past that books in no way get right!

  6. It certainly is infuriating how history is being falsified even while the events are still within relatively recent memory. We're currently seeing it with the official rememberance policy regarding former East Germany, which is totally focussed on emphasizing the injustices of the Communist system. Not that there weren't plenty of injustices, but that's not the whole story.

    Sometimes, I wonder why people don't just stand up and cry out, "This is not the way it happened."

  7. also has a petition going. Yes I signed it. Funny my crit partner nad I were talking about this today. I'm not watching anything. I remember a couple weeks ago when, on the news (which I never watch and had on by accident), they were talking about the tapes being released and playing some of it and I couldn't find the remote =(

  8. I am also not watching anything, and I'll come right out and say that it's because I am not over the trauma. When 9/11 happened, I was working less than two blocks from the Texas Capitol building in Austin, and we got rumors off and on all day that it was going to blow up, there were bomb threats because Austin is the home of Dubya, etc. I'm a nurse, we don't leave unless the threat is to our building--so I worked at the clinic all day, expecting that Capitol building to blow up any minute and that we'd all have to go down there and triage. The only thing I was able to do was have my mother come and get my kids and take them out of town. I think there's nothing worse than having to be normal during a crisis. I spent the day running to the doctor's lounge between patients and seeing the footage of the second tower getting hit by the airplane, and burning, and falling, and people weeping and bloody and covered in grey dust, over and over and over.

    I don't know anyone who died, and quite a lot of the time I feel like I have no right to be so traumatized by 9/11. Still, I turned off my television set that day and I have not had television in my house since--we are set up to watch movies or play the xbox, that's it. And even when I'm in other people's homes, it makes me feel physically ill to hear the nightly news coming on. I'll leave or ask them to change the channel. How's that for serious avoidance issues?

    So anyway, I don't want to hear anything on the media about 9/11, have seriously considered staying home, with the radio off, and not going online all day so I don't have to deal with it. I just get too nauseated and panicked. Even writing this I feel like I want to puke. But of course I'm working tomorrow... stupid nursing career... and I know I'll be in people's homes all day (home health) and seeing the footage and hearing the stupid documentaries and damn, I am not looking forward to Monday.


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