We sweaty women at the gym were discussing what sort of luxury we liked best.

This is left over birthday stuff. I got flowers and a birthday bread horse but no presents and so I've decided this means I may buy something Just For Me without guilt. I haven't bought my self-indulgent gift. So I asked the women what they consider the perfect self-indulgent present.

Chocolate! everyone at the gym says. Not for me until I'm skinnier. Until then Food is to be declared an Enemy. I refuse a lifelong enmity with chocolate but that works just now. (Besides I had TWO kinds of cake yesterday.)
Here are the other suggestions the women came up with:
Bath oil
Hair products
Great new shoes
Fun new clothes
A trip to a tropical island (oh, hey, maybe that one? but in february?)

Naw, I don't crave any of it.

So I came home and heated up the leftover coffee and now I'm on the back deck (which really could use a cleaning). I'm all alone. The weather is perfect. I'm half in the sun, half in the shade and wowee, this is my luxury. Especially the all alone part.

When I was a kid, my mother would say "I don't need or want more than I've got." and I thought she was being a martyr or trying to set a good example. Show us kids that want, want, want is not the way to go. My bullshit radar went off because such a thing seemed impossible.

Right now? I get it. Something's clicked in the last couple of years and my want, want, want alarm rarely goes off any more. And it's not like I have gorgeous furniture.

Although hmmm. Now that my halo is so blinding even I can't see the screen, turns out I do have a list:
my goddamn birthday cards from my kids (I'm leaving all my worldly possessions to the home for geriatric cats unless they come through with a danged card.)
The Bosnian ladies coming over to help me clean again. Maybe next book contract I get.

Now I'm getting more coffee.


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes, Kate!

    I'm like you: non-acquisitive. I want someone to help me get rid of some of my stuff, but other than that, I don't want anything (except to own real estate, but that's another issue entirely).

    I spent my birthday money on books. And I LOVE being alone.

  2. Lol, I do like jewelry and chocolate, but I can also appreciate those perfect moments of peace and beauty that don't come with a price tag.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. I thought the same thing about my mom :) Now I understand all about that "alone" thing. Just the afternoon off, honey - that's for me!

  4. None of those things would excite me either. And if you tried to give me a pedicure I'd slap you. Do not touch my feet. Ever.

    For my birthday I bought myself a Georgian chest of drawers at an antique store. I convinced my husband it was his present to me, so all is well.

    (BTW, the word verification here is "skonk". I think we should all try to use that in a sentence.)

  5. Don't skonk my sandwich, dammit - make your own!

  6. I do believe you should get birthday cards on your birthday and calls from those who love you.

    For me right now, would be the opportunity to lie in bed and read without interruption from hubby or kids. Some toffee sugar cookies to go with.

    Or four romance movies with popcorn and cookies.

    As you get older material things aren't that important.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    P.S. What's birthday bread horse?

  7. Happy Belated Birthday and yeah, Birthday bread horse?

    I didn't know other people enjoyed those quiet moments - I always thought it meant I was simple minded ;)

    Still, if I ever win the lottery, we will have a cook. I never cook dinner and I would love to have someone else worry about what I'm eating.


  8. Happy belated Birthday!

    I'm with you-- I think of all the stuff I used to want and it's not like I've become Good, it's just that in 40 years I've had a lot of stuff and, well, meh. Time, especially time alone, is the only luxury I crave these days.

    And maybe a second bathroom in the house. That would be nice.

  9. ...but none of this applies to those Bosnian socks! They are special and I treasure them.

    In case you were wondering.

    Come to think of it, there are many Things I love, often things connected to people. I just don't want want want MORE like I used to.


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