Thirteen things I love about Leslie even though she's a goober

1, Her laughter because it's contagious
2. The fact that she would eat poptarts with such a look of loathing
3. The ability to sum up a situation with one particularly trechant remark
4. the fact that she will never again never ever howl the words "not in my front yard" at me because it makes me nuts.
5. right. Yup. Pig's'll fly. On the other hand, I suppose it's good to be reminded of life's most bizarre moments.
6. Right after I had my third boy she was my first visitor.
7. Mockery that is even better than Mike's and that's saying something.
8. Switch plates and forks and other things that could be boring but never are at her house.
9. She's a cheap date. One glass of wine and she starts to laugh and see number one.
10. She always calls. Do I call her? Do I? Noooooo. She has to call. But I do know her number
11. Her work ethic even when it's dialed up to 11 = "crazed".
12. Her kid is very very cool and she doesn't try to make him any different except the clothing thing. Oy. The clothing thing--used to be an issue anyway. Dress like a human being! Tuck in your shirt! Nerd alert!
13. Unlike SOME people she's a loyal friend. And she'd never use guilt. Nope, nosirreee.


Doug takes on Cosmo again.
Darla's thirteen would be funny but it is too close to reality.


  1. I think I love Leslie now, too--and I've never even met her. :)

    My TT's up, too.

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Thanks for the linkie love. I'm gonna be calling you out on a challenge shortly. Bwaahahahaaha. Bwaha.

  3. Okay, you've infected me, I just did my first Thursday 13. Hope it doesn't suck too much--and like everything I do, it is LATE!


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