crickets chirp. the lights go out. I sit in the dark

heck, have I lost you all? from 500 hits a day to this?

I'm not here anyway, so neener neener. I'm off being ignored in the online class Ari and I are teaching. You can still join and pay no attention to me there, too. [cue tiny violin]

I'm reading Alison Kent's book The Idiot's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance. I'm reassured and disturbed.

Reassuring--nearly everything she talks about, I know. Much of it is covered in our course.
Disturbing--she says it so beautifully. Dang. AK has written The Book. Is there any better way to present the subject?


I suppose the one thing we can offer is targeted advice--but not if the class stays so damned quiet.


  1. Wow! What a compliment! And from the fabulous Summer/Kate!!

  2. What's this about a class?

  3. Hmm... quiet online courses. Let me just put my instructional designer hat on here. Maybe you've already done these, but if not, how about an icebreaker/introduction exercise? (Like two truths and a lie about your love life, or something easy like that?) Followed by a relatively easy, but fun and non-threatening writing exercise to fit in with your teaching points ie writing your reaction on seeing your fantasy man for the first time... or the first time naked :-)

    (Mind you, I'm so tired at the moment I'd probably just yawn if my fantasy man walked in...)

  4. no, thank YOU, Alison Kent for that book! Wowza. I'm recommending it to everyone.

    Bettie -- the class A fundraiser for the local RWA chapter.

    and anyone taking it will soon have Bron's exercise to contend with.


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