September 12

Notice I didn't write anything yesterday? Every time I started to write, it turned into "What I Remember" or "How Our Government Failed Us" or "Why It Isn't A National Day of Mourning Yet" and I'd be damned if I was going to do a 9/11 diary. Not sure why I was so adamant about it though.

I didn't do a diary about it but I had a conversation with L yesterday that went like this:
Me: I remember trying to explain to the refugees--
L: I know. I was there.
Me: No, see I went into work and no one working there was around, just a bunch of mystified refugees in the front and everyone else was crammed into a conference room in the back with the TV--
L: I know. I was there.
Me: Huh?
L: I went to work with you that day.
Me: Oh. You did? You did! I didn't remember you were there at all!!

So there you go. A 9/11 diary after all. Or maybe a Kate's Memory Sucks Bigtime diary.

Whatever. We got it out of the way.

And now I'm going to get to work and write ten pages even if I end up writing about toenail clippings. TEN PAGES. Back in the saddle. Discipline! Professionalism! Toenail clippings!


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I do that all the time - forget people. I once told my Husband about this movie I saw a few months earlier with my pal Colin and how this scene made me think about him and he get really mad at me because, uhm, He'd seen it with me, not Colin. Yeah, I had to backpedal a lot that day.

    I didn't do anything 9/11 either.

  2. OK - I just created a blogroll on my newly streamlined site and... you're on it. No pressure. But I'm waiting. Be entertaining!

    (And I still owe you a review for Something Wonderful. Still have to read Something Wonderful, but I'll get there. Monkey novel off my back for a week, so I have a little more time. As evidenced by my extreme spike in internet presence today!)

  3. Somebody Wonderful. I can read, honest! It's right here in front of me!

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Kate, I think you need to start your own Indefinite Pronouns Romance label. I have a few choice titles all lined up for you, like, hmmm....

    No One Big Enough

    Anyone I Want

    What do you think?

  5. I didn't do one either but I don't live in New York and I didn't feel like it was my place.

    I know that it hit me in the morning when I was out with my dog just how nice the weather was. That's when I remembered what the day was and what the weather had been like in 2001.

    I also avoided all TV and newscasts for the day. Not that I want to forget, just that I want to remember the people who died that day and not a bunch of news people telling me what the day was like. I remember what that day was like and I don't like how the news media makes these banners and special songs.

    Ooops. Mini rant.


  6. Okay, I'm stealing that CindyS

    lovelysalome? whatever I'm currently working on is better than that.
    Doug--me and titles are not compatible.

  7. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Every Time I Get the Chance

    Whoops, it's not an indefinite pronoun ;)


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