One of my PUBLISHERs sent me an actual card. My dang ebox has three emails from corporations I didn't lie to, wishing me a happy birthday. My sisters (all three) have sent emails.
I got a birthday bread horse (see Joy of Cooking) and I plan on taking myself out for coffee later. And I'll be ordering myself some presents from the internet any second now. As soon as I can find the right credit card . . .the one that's not all tuckered out.

My first year here, I didn't know anyone and I desperately missed my friend Leslie. When I mentioned it to L down the street, not only did she wish me a happy birthday, she took the baby and me out for coffee and I've been grateful ever since. She saved me from falling into a huge well of self pity that it would have been hard to climb out of.

Heck, she keeps doing that.

With the bread horse and the champagne another neighbor says she'll give me, I'm all set. Don't forget to wish my twin Doug (separated by parents and a couple of years) HBTY.


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Happy birthday! Toast to Kate on her birthday!

  2. Go... seek birthday mojitos. Have a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday, Kate! Have a good one.

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Happy birthday Kate!

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM


    Did you like that kiss? Betcha didn't even notice when I slipped in some tongue.

  7. Happy birthday, Kate! And Doug, too.

  8. Crappy Barfday, you bat! And Doug, if she didn't notice the tongue, you're not doing it right.

  9. LOLOLOL by the way, the word verification was RROWRSIN. How apropos.

  10. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I've got to say that it brings tears of sadness to my eyes that you don't miss me anymore. I'm not usually jealous, I don't think. But I'm shaking an emotional fist at L who didn't exactly take my place, but has pushed your missing me far enough back that we don't desparately miss each other anymore.

    I miss girlfriends. And the days of hanging around in your kitchen, drinking coffee and watching you cook. Tired of just the husband for company. And he can't cook either.

    Sad baby.


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