Thursday 13 Things To Sign In Books

A couple of people on some loops were in a panic because they were going to their first book signing and didn't know what to write. Here are some of the things I or my friend, B, have written. Only ... some of them aren't real. See if you can guess which four are fake.

1. Happy Reading!

2. Hope you enjoy it!

3. To [name]. You do know that this store won't take back books that have personalized inscriptions. Neener, neener

4. I hope you find your SOMEBODY WONDERFUL [<--book title] some day!

5. I'll find out if you try selling this on ebay.

6. Okay, you're gonna read mine, let's see yours. Let me know when it's out.

7. May all your dreams come true.

8. If you like this book, post a review on If you hate it, feel free to send me a long detailed note. But skip amazon, okay?

9. To [name], the inspiration for all of the very hottest scenes in this book.

10. To [name], who's all that and more.

11. To [blank's mother's name] Yes, I really do know your son. But, no, he's not in this book.

12. To [dog name] WOOF! Good dog.

13. The perfect decor for empty wallspace is more bookshelves.




Which ones haven't I seen or written:
4 (sort of cheating because I have written "to/ SW/with best wishes"), 7, 12 (but I did dedicate a novella to the dogs) 13 (I like the sentiment though)

#9 is real and in fact at least seven people (men) have asked me to write that.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    "I hope you find your Technical Virgins some day!"

    Damn. Where did I misplace those?

    Mine's up, too. Hope the vids work for you.

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Oooo... I'm filing #9 away for future use. *g*

    I have 13 up today, too, and am soliciting opinions. :D

  3. I knew you'd written #3 in a book... gee, how could I have known that? *goes to look at bookshelf*

    By the way, you drew a bat in the other one. You didn't put "doodled winged mammal" on your list of inscriptions. I feel slighted.

  4. OMG, I love 3, 5, & 8.

    If I ever see you at a book signing, write something like that for me, okay?

  5. Ha! You wouldn't believe some of the requests for inscriptions I've gotten.

  6. that's IT? A teaser like that? So are you going to tell us, ferfe????? Or at least blog about it at your place?

  7. if it comes to that darla, Amy and charlene--what have you signed (or had signed for you)

    You could think of it as a brainstorming session. Worst Case Scenerio for Bad signatures.

  8. FWIW, Terry Pratchett comes up with a brief message for each of his books that's a reflection on the book itself.

    For "Good Omens" (which purports to tell the story of the end of the world) it's BURN THIS BOOK.

    For "The Last Hero" (about a Conan-like swordsman going on one last great quest) it's something like "The song plays on."

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I like to sign my book, "Subversive Cross Stitch" thanking the owner for being THE person who "taught me all of those four-letter words". Especially the squeamish ones.

  10. Hello

    I love this post. I'm a new romance author and book inscriptions are not my forte. Except for 'Enjoy my book', I had no idea what to write. Now I have more options.
    Thanks so much

  11. Anonymous7:35 AM

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