two *huh* things before noon.


1. I'm watching Sunday Cartoons with boy 3 and we have to endure lots of dopy ads for things like Barbie. So there's her smiling plastic face and she's got a dog. Hey, what's that close up? The backside of the dog? and he's . . .pooping?

Holy Jebus. Barbie's special new fun-time kit includes dog, little brown bits of dog food that eventually comes out the back of the dog. No worries! Barbie has a special magnetic scooper! and a special doggy doo bin. Also works as the dog food box, too, I guess.

I so want to read the development and/or marketing notes for this one.

2. I'm in the shower, washing my hair. While rinsing, I pull out two twigs, each about three inches long. One with a leaf on it. No complete bird's nest. I think we can rule out me in the role of princess who can't manage a good night's sleep sharing a bed with a pea.

Okay, I do have a lot of hair (it's thick and, when wet, reaches mid-butt) but did I call these things twigs? More like sticks. And I brushed last night. I dunno. Maybe it's time for a cut, or a better brush.


  1. That might be the most disgusting toy I've ever heard of--well, right after all those pissing baby dolls. What is it with toys that mess on you??? I just don't understand the appeal. Why not make a baby doll that spits up real spoiled milk, too? Or a doggy toy that gets carsick and shoots out foul muck--the deluxe edition can shoot it out both ends? How about Ken with realistic toe jam, complete with stench? Gross, gross, gross.

    Thank goodness I have boys. Barbie is just weird.

    (ha! the word verification is disqyte, how fitting...)

  2. My niece actually has that sis and I thought it was a little odd too. I think my sis throughout the food/poop.

  3. My daughter who is 4 was totally enchanted with the ad for this toy-we were all looking at her like she was nuts. Anyone who's had the real pleasure of pooper scooping will get traumatic flashbacks from that toy. I sense a law suit looming.


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